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High Definition Lenses to Make Glasses Perfect for Your Lifestyle

Rivoli Shop Qatar! Select Digital Lenses for Comfortable, Safe & Precise Vision

Digital lenses are far better than traditional lenses. The difference is similar to tube and high definition television. The improved type of lenses offers the best vision in various lighting conditions and in all directions. You are capable to find Progressive, High-index and Single-vision digital lenses. These are the perfect choice for long wear as the material is offered in light and thin texture. With these lenses, you are given choice to discard the deviations. Wearer is given more than 20% broad vision and 6% better accuracy than that of traditional eyeglass lenses. Just make use of Rivoli Shop Coupon Code to find high-end lenses having different features and power options.

Precision of High Definition Lenses


High definition lenses are designed according to the prescription of wearer through computer controlled highly précised tools. The fabrication technology permits the surfacing of digital lenses more accurately (0.01 diopter) than traditional tools for lenses. With the help of digital lens fabrication, the wearer enjoys accurate power of lens.

Traditional lenses are developed through pre-molded patterns thus every wearer is given the same design. On the other hand, digital lenses are customized according to the prescription of the wearer. The personalized feature helps in overcoming the distortion and supports in changing the vision from distant to near with no trouble. High definition lenses are provided in tints such as coating against reflection and natural vision while moving from light to dark areas. Mention Rivoli Shop Coupon Code and provide your prescription, so the fabrication method begins to develop crisper vision. High quality instruments are offered for surface preparation, surfacing of lens, cleaning, tinted coating and inspection of lenses.

Categories of Digital Lenses

  • Digital Progressive Lenses
  • Digital Occupational Lenses (perfect for driving purpose and online work)
  • Single Vision Digital Lenses
  • Bi and Tri-Focal Digital Lenses

According to the nature of use, wearers are suggested to choose specific lens type. Stylish or classic frames are offered to give a style according to your age group. Now, you do not need to move your head and neck again and again while reading newspaper or using your Smartphone.

Safety from Blue Light


Apart from prescription lenses, there are non-prescription high definition lenses that can keep the eyes safe from highly powerful light wavelength, released from computer screens, fluorescent lights, smartphones, tablets and TV. This light is accepted as blue light. Smart devices have been used more habitually therefore people should show some concern against blue light. When eyes are exposed to blue light more frequently, macular degeneration occurs that is major reason behind loss of visualization. If you are wearing digital lenses, there is surety that destructive blue light cannot devastate your vision.

When people will get aware of benefits associated with digital lenses, it is guaranteed that traditional type of eyewear will vanish. Within next few years, people will shift from traditional to digital lenses, so acquire Rivoli Shop Coupon Code for getting standard digital lenses on discount. High-tech eyewear is powerful enough to protect eyes from blue light, varying light conditions and dangerous UV rays.

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