Top 5 Puerto Escondido Restaurants in 2021

Puerto Escondido is one of the most popular and attractive destinations in southwestern Mexico. It shares its coast with the Pacific and has the perfect escape time for beach lovers. It has made a name for itself because of its pristine beaches and the beautiful attractions. You can also enjoy the very luxurious nightlife and take part in adventure activities in Puerto Escondido. Situated in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, there are several restaurants where you can eat in this city. If you are confused about where to get the best dishes, check out the top 5 Puerto Escondido restaurants now.

  • Palma Negra – if you cannot wait to try out the paletas when you are in Mexico, then Palma Negra is the place where you should be heading to. This is the best place to taste the best icy treats and rejuvenate yourself during the summers. At this shop you can find them available in different flavors like coconut, coffee, fruits, cookies, etc. Paletas are really popular here in Puerto Escondido and especially due to the hot summers, you can surely try them out and refresh yourself big time. At this ice-cream parlor you can even try out their hand-made ice-creams.

  • Mama Mallu – hidden down in the allies of Puerto Escondido, Mama Malu is a restaurant that you should not miss at any cost. This little and very economical restaurant serves you the best breakfast and lunch you can get at affordable prices. You’ll be really surprised to find how tasty and flavorful the enfrijoladas are. These are tortillas which have been stuffed with cheese and topped with two eggs.

  • Cafecito – one of the most popular and well-known restaurants in this city is Cafecito. Situated at two locations – Zicatela and Playa Carrizalillo, you have to visit this restaurant and check out their massive menu right away. It is to be noted that each of their items on the menu come in huge servings and that is why you can always share a single dish between two people easily. The Smoked Fish Taco or Flaky Tuna are some of the most popular dishes that are available at this restaurant.

  • Taqueria La Parrilla Mixteca – want to try something different and yet love what you are eating? Then try out the al pastor. Yes! At this restaurant you can order for some of the most tasty and delicious al pastor that would be ready in just a few minutes. This is sliced pork that was marinated for hours in flavorful spices, fruits and other paste of different ingredients. Then this meat is roasted in the typical shawarma style that we have seen. It cooks slowly over the hours and gives you a wonderful and tasty delicacy.

  • Bikini Bar – a cute little cabana that allows you to take a beer or cocktail and relax throughout the day whenever you want to. The back seating of this pub offers a wonderful view of the beach and you can also choose to stay overnight at the rooms that are always available here. For less than 80 pesos, you can get to yourself a gorgeous pina colada served in an empty pineapple. You can then pay only 25 pesos for refills. You’ll spend more than a couple of hours easily whenever you are here.

So, here are the top 5 Puerto Escondido Restaurants where you can enjoy all of your favorite dishes and keep your hunger cravings satisfied at all times. Make sure to go through Google Maps once to find out the exact location of all the restaurants mentioned above.