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What is the meaning of the control system?

It is the term that is used to describe various components of the control system and the equipment that is being used in it. The Control system is made up of using different devices altogether. To perform the task or in a better way to monitor the overall plant. It includes systems, networks, controllers to automate the industrial process. But every plant has a different type of control system which is customized according to the use of that particular plant. And, right now almost all the plants use a control system to manage the plant efficiently.

There has been a large impact on the plants after using the control system. The productivity rate has been increased and lesser accidents took place. Also, the management of all the records is now quite simple with it. It also gives real-time information about the plant that is going on in the plant. So, the operator can look for everything and warn everyone before anything bad happens. Or stop it from happening because everything is showing on the system.

Types of the control system that exist

There are many types of the control system that exist in the market which is available for the industry. Like

  • SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition)
  • DCS (Distributed Control System)

Many components come under the category of the control system. These are

  • IT and OT
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)
  • Control loop
  • MTU (Master Terminal Unit)
  • IED (Intelligent Electronic Device)

Many other devices also being used in the control system. The list is very long but these are some of the major components of the control system.

Benefits of control system

There are lots of benefits to the control system. Some of them are

  • Increase productivity
  • Connect digitalization and automation.
  • Lesser accidents
  • Quality control
  • Better maintenance
  • Proper records of the data
  • Managing inventory
  • Real-time monitoring of the data
  • Reduce cost
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