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The Strange Options for the Rings You Would Choose for the Engagement

The list is much longer, and it all depends on the relationship between you. If your soulmate adheres to classic traditions, you should not give her Moissanite Rings in the form of Lego, Tetris or any other creative format. Stop at what everyone knows.

A diamond ring: Modest, modern, versatile. The cost of such a ring, of course, cannot be modest at all, especially if it is a model of solitaire.

The name comes from the French word Solitaire, loner. Such a ring is always adorned with a large diamond, one and a half carats. The color of the metal does not matter, it can be a classic gold ring, platinum or from different gold shades.

White gold rings: Lightweight metal engagement rings are a classic marriage proposal between Europeans and Americans. For centuries, platinum and white gold were considered the best way to express their feelings, gratitude, and loyalty. It is decorated with several diamonds at once: large central and loose or smaller stones in the neighborhood.

Platinum plates: If the engagement parties may not have any stones at all, the meaning of the engagement is in the precious stones. And here the jewelers are having fun with all their hearts. The soil for the realization of imagination is the most fertile. Platinum is a metal that will emphasize the status of the donor, and then the person who is gifted. Diamonds and any light stones look perfect with platinum white metal have a very soft shimmering sheen, which perfectly accentuates the sparkling lines of the gemstone cut.

Sapphire rings: It is correct to say with sapphire and diamonds, because where can you do without them during an engagement? As a rule, a sapphire is a soloist in such an ensemble. The different color depths of this beautiful stone, the shades, the luster and the equally noble neighborhood with yellow gold, white precious metals and diamonds won over the brilliant Princess Diana at one point. It is absolutely impossible to blame all members of the British royal family for their lack of taste.

CJA guidelines on Lab Grown Diamonds may seem reasonable but is also biased  - BDI

Vintage rings: The passion for such jewelry took over the world about 20 years ago, when Western society began to tire of consumer policy. The fashion of visiting flea markets in Bruges (Belgium), Brooklyn (USA), Vienna (Austria) and other cities also won gems; the result of inspiration was a charming, somewhat naive collection of vintage rings. This is really very cute, and in fact these items are not cheap. If your soulmate shares a love for your sweet, loving past, one of these vintage engagement rings is guaranteed to win her over.

Men’s rings: What women would do in the world of jewelry, if men sometimes did not want to experiment? Fortunately, the 21st century favors this: you can combine textures, materials, walk from the classic canons and create unique designs literally from what you have on hand. And the main thing is that the ring must not be damaged, it is men. Cross the engine, conquer Everest; stop the lion on the run. For an engagement ring, the most suitable plan is to use titanium alloys, palladium, and tungsten with gold, matte platinum and black diamonds. How about you take the idea of ​​a bed and turn it into a decorated one.

For some reason, men are not thrilled with everything shiny, so matte matt platinum and a combination of black and large white diamonds are not considered shiny. A ring can be worn even if the bracelet is broken.

A million types of rings: It’s amazing that these days there’s no need to meet standards if there’s no desire to do so. You don’t like classics? Consider Art Deco rings. Do you want something completely unusual or even fantastic? The jewelry will create for you a ring that mimics the Tardis time machine from the popular TV series. Engraving, contrasting metal inserts, unusual shapes, rotating rings, doubles, transformers, Trinity (by Cartier), enigmatic rings (gala-gala) and everything you can imagine the main thing is that your half is delighted with the ring, not the others.


We will not be mistaken if we call the French fashion houses Cartier and Boucheron leaders of the jewelry industry. Engagement rings made by the masters of these brands are an example of a luxurious, recognizable style. Basically, this is a classic based on a love of diamonds, expensive metals.

Another great couple are the Italians Bvlgary and the multinational company Tiffany. In Bulgari products, minimalism and high-tech are elegantly intertwined with classics, and Tiffany’s naughty people will never get tired of experimenting.

With domestic gold mines and diamond mines it is not appropriate to lag behind honorable companies. And the Sokolov brand is not far behind. The finest stones, beautiful cut, discreet, elegant style, charming details that you want to look at again and again.

Jewelry factory offers a large selection of stones, gold, styles, cost categories from tens of millions to only a few million and a few thousand dollars. Here he will also find his most biased customer.

Trends: how to offer an offer, not reject it

No one will give guarantees: even if your halves are, at first glance, mentally prepared for such a turn of events, then in practice something can go wrong. Excitement, nerves and confusion can create a somewhat unfavorable environment. Even a ring of wondrous beauty will not save. Therefore the first recommendation:

If you are rejected, do not try to grieve and go into the sunset. Why not take the ring. Allow your loved one to become conscious, breathe, meditate, maybe even cry and swear rudely. Stop, try again. Everything will work out, you will see!

Avoid sheets: No champagne rings, no cake rings, no football breaks near sweaty fans, through gym figurines or other awkward, ugly places. Remember: after what you hear, your destiny will be confused anyway (or it will pretend to be so). Don’t double the stress. If you want originality, play monopoly at home. Yes, not simply, but with a secret drawer.


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