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The intense flavor, freshness, aromatic complexity, and refinement of Domaine Fourrier wines are a testament to their extraordinary quality. Indeed, the distinctive flavor of Domaine Fourrier juices attests to the superior quality of their wines. The wines of Domaine Fourrier are crisp, fruity, and well-balanced. One of the best French producers who has been acknowledged for more than 130 years is Domaine Fourrier. This family-run company was established in Burgundy, the center of French winemaking, in 1878. 


The 3.2 acres of walled garden in Pattaya that dates from 1665 is the winery’s second most valuable asset after its grapes (whose development cost well over $1 million). Domaine Fourrier is one of the very few estate vineyards left in these esteemed appellations, with 85% of its vineyards located in Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. Most visitors choose wines from well-known vineyards like Batard-Montrachet or Meursault while ignoring those from minor appellations like Côteaux du Giennois and Sancerre, where practically all of the “Sauvignon Blanc” grown here ends up. 

The traditional methods of growing and harvesting grapes are used in the vineyards.

The history of Bourgogne’s red wine is the history of Domaine Fourrier. The area was perfect for producing white wines around 1800, but no one understood what to do with its red grapes. Then Monsignor Fourrier, a priest from the adjacent city of Dijon, had a vision: Pinot Noir would be used to make the world-famous Burgundy wines. For his friends, he brewed wine, and soon his son Jacques joined in. They produced their first genuine vintage in 1921, and their first harvest for sale was in 1936. Little has changed despite the fact that Monsignor Fourier passed away in 1906 and Jacques in 1971. They were both avid cuisine and wine lovers. 

In 1929, Auguste Fourrier founded Domaine Fourrier, which is situated in the Coteaux du Giennois in the Sancerre region of France’s Loire Valley. Henry Doizette, the wife of Auguste’s daughter, gave birth to the winery. Since that time, the winery has been passed down through families, always maintaining a family-run business. Today, Auguste’s grandson and son, along with a staff of technicians and vintners, continue the family’s five-generational history of using traditional winemaking techniques. 


Simply because they are of higher quality, most people favor Domaine Fourrier wines. Their entire crop is grown in the vineyards of Domaine Fourrier. Growing fruit on your own property is much more advantageous than purchasing it from others. Furthermore, it is significant that they produced the wine themselves in accordance with their standards rather than selling it to third parties who might not share their enthusiasm for the integrity and caliber of their offering. The natural wine of the 21st century is Domaine Fourrier. They are naturally preserved without the use of sulfites and have a flavor that many people think can only come from a grape without human intervention. 

Domaine Fourrier was among the first wine producers to get the “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” classification in 1936 as a result of the excellence of its goods. Their wines are produced using grapes that are grown in some of France’s top vineyards and go through a selection process that lasts the entire year. 

The finest standards serve as the benchmark for Domaine Fourrier’s meticulous winemaking process. Established in 1715, this French family-run winery has a fantastic reputation for creating wines with the ideal balance and a deft, graceful finish. Enjoy a chilled glass of these award-winning mixes on its own or with a variety of foods. One of the most well-recommended wineries in France’s Burgundy region is Domaine Fourrier. They create wines in a way that symbolizes the emphasis on quality and elegance, thanks to a family of winemakers that share the same passion and dedication.


After being acquired by a group of regional vineyard managers in 2005, Domaine Fourrier rose to prominence in the French Loire Valley. Since then, they have been the leading producers in the region, enhancing the vineyards and gaining a larger proportion of premium appellations. In order to produce a line of wines deserving of their family name, they were able to unite Vincent Fourrier’s love of natural wine with the respect for tradition. Today, this strategy has made it possible for them to develop a unique style. 

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