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Handy Shares Healthy Lifestyle Hacks


You strive and yearn for a healthy mind and body. You must have done a lot of research to know the best gym to go to, learn about the most rigorous exercises to do, and be familiar with the healthiest diets to follow among the many other things to remain fit. Still, you are unable to follow this diligently and can’t give an undivided commitment to it. Handy tells you about the small lifestyle hacks that you can easily follow to lead a healthy lifestyle.  

The Hacks

  1. Keep healthy snacks nearby – Always keep some healthy snacks with you. Don’t let your body starve. When your mind is hungry, it goes into a panic mood and stops thinking wisely. You tend to munch all the unhealthy food just to satisfy your hunger. Even when you step out, keep a small snack in your bag. Feed your body healthy food at regular intervals with small quantities and not all at once. 
  2. Add veggies to your meal – It is not easy to leave refined carbs altogether and have healthy food each and every meal. You may crave pizza, pasta, or noodles at times. Well, we have a great solution for this too. Throw some garlic, onion, zucchini, and broccoli with a dab of olive oil in a pan and sauté it a bit with salt. Add these to your favorite food. As these contain fiber, you will realize that you feel full soon and don’t have much of noodles or pasta.  
  3. Get along with yogurt – Having yogurt in your daily diet is the best healthy hack you can adopt. Yogurt is full of Vitamin D, calcium, protein, and a huge amount of beneficial gut bacteria. This too makes you feel fuller and does not add much to the calorie count. 
  4. Bid farewell to junk food – Let’s admit it! We all have a liking for junk food. But apart from satisfying the taste buds it does nothing good to your body. Stop buying processed and packaged food. Change over to eating fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm. Of course, you can always have a cheat day twice a month where you can indulge. The less junk food you eat, the healthier you will be.
  5. Drink lots of water – Keeping your body well hydrated at all times is essential for your body. It keeps your body safe from a lot of diseases, makes you look young, and keeps your mind and body healthy. Add a slice of lemon, cucumber, or some mint or basil leaves to your water. Besides looking fancy, this water proves to be more beneficial. Carry a bottle of water with you always as it makes you feel full. 


Do a little preparation at night for the meals that you have to cook in the morning the next day. If you make this a habit, it will be quite easy to follow these lifestyle hacks. Handy assures that even though the effect of these hacks may be small, it goes a long way to make you healthier. Take these first steps towards a healthy lifestyle and expect the difference.

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