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Everything you should know about the bongs

Most of the people have few questions about bongs like how much it cost, how do they work, why are bongs healthier than other smoking ways? You can find answers to such questions by reading this article. First, you need to know that for what purpose bongs are used for. Mainly bongs are used to inhale marijuana. The mechanism of the bong is derived from bamboo tubes that are used by the primitive people. You can buy some of the cheap and best bongs on the Hello kitty bongs website. Here are the answers to some of your questions.

How much does a bong cost?

The cost of the bongs typically depends upon the brand, quality, size, and design. Large variation of price can be seen in the market depending upon the sustainability of a bong. The higher price of bongs offers more high quality, unique designs, good filtration, etc. But there is no reason to pay more for a bong as the working of all the bongs is the same. Glass bongs are generally costly than plastic bongs.

How does a bong work?

Working of bongs includes some simple steps like; –

  • Firstly, dry weed is collected in the shooter. The shooter is a small tube-like structure that has two openings. One end opens in the glass tube and another end is free for collection of weed. 
  • When you light the dried weed the smoke starts to enter the glass tube. In the glass, tube water is present at the bottom of the tube. Thus, the smoke enters into the water, and then water starts to bubble as the smoke is passed through it. The main filtration of smoke is done in water as water traps the carbon particles, water-soluble substance, etc. that are present in the smoke.
  • After this when you inhale the smoke the smoke enters into the air chamber that is present above the water chamber. In the air chamber, tar from the smoke is removed and thus, it helps in avoiding the tar to enter into your mouth and lungs.
  • After this, through a small opening, the smoke finally enters into the mouth and then in the lungs. You can make the use of Hello kitty bongs to reduce the risk of any contamination.

Some reasons for healthier nature of bongs as compared to other smoking methods

The main reason behind the popularity of bongs is its healthier nature as many studies have shown that the bongs filter the 99% of unwanted particles from smoke. So, through bongs, you get filtered smoke and it helps in reducing the risk of various respiratory disorders. Other reasons behind its popularity are

  • They are smoother than other smoking methods
  • Easy to clean and easy to assemble
  • Provides bigger hits as compared to other methods

You can borrow unique designs of bongs through Hello kitty bongs website. In this modern world generally, people prefer more to bongs for smoking the weed as have various benefits on other smoking methods.


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