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Essential Solutions for the best Digital Door Entry System

One great advantage is that you can use the smartphone as a digital medium extremely useful for updating access rights online via the mobile data network. Many modern access systems use the GSM 4G network to update the access system. This creates access control in the cloud without every electronic lock being dependent on a direct internet connection.

In the settings of the access system you can choose whether or not someone can use the smartphone to open locks. A digital or mobile key is called a mobile key within an electronic locking system. Data exchange between the smartphone and the door lock or card reader is via most systems via Bluetooth and in some cases via an NFC reader.

Increasingly an access control system for small and medium-sized companies

The price of an access control system has decreased enormously in recent years. Expensive hardware and software packages made investments of € 1500 per interior door very common. That price was also pushed up enormously because a lot of cabling work was required. And the ultimate advantage of the access system was often minor. Many people do not know that in the past cattle Somersault door fitting with access control systems were only used for access provision. You can go for the digital door entry systems there.

 By this we mean that every pass or drop could open every door or electronic lock. Nowadays, the prices and functionalities of an access system are much more favorable. A system can already be delivered for an amount of +/- € 500 per door. The systems operate on the basis of electronic cylinder locks, electronic door fittings and wired access points. As the owner or manager of a commercial building, you can suddenly make all settings within the access system via your own laptop, tablet or smartphone. You get complete control over who can enter when. Unclear key lists are a thing of the past and access control is now at least as good or perhaps even better organized than at an average government agency.

Types of electronic locks

There are several ways to make the door lock electronically operable. With a Salto XS4 or Salto KS access control system, installation costs can be kept low by not having to lay, connect and program cables to every door. The systems work Somersault wall readerwireless and can almost always be built into the existing door locks. What actually happened is that the existing lock is equipped with a piece of electronics so that from now on no key is needed but an RFID tag.


One of the advantages is of course that the price will be a lot more favorable because less installation time is required. A great other advantage is that no changes are required to the architectural situation or the functionality of an existing door lock. To complete your security, we also supply accessories such as locks, door fittings and door closers. We therefore supply the complete package and thus ensure that your business premises are safer. Would you like a free demonstration of the various access control systems and electronic locks we sell? Please contact us via our contact form.




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