Why do children have a dream of receiving letters from Santa Claus?

Christmas is known for the joy it brings to everyone, especially letters from Santa. The most important part of Christmas is Santa Claus, the red-clothed, white-bearded plump man who distributes gifts to good children worldwide. Also known as Father Christmas, he is the patron of Christmas and is based upon a certain Saint Nicholas, a Christian Saint who lived in the 4th century.

The place where Santa Claus lives in the North Pole with his wife, Mrs.Claus, who helps him prepare presents for the children all around the year. The levs help him out, and he rides his sleigh on Christmas night with 8 reindeers, the chief reindeer at the front being Rudolph, who has a glowing nose to show the way at night.

Children from all around the world write letters to Santa Claus asking for gifts they want from him, and he rides on his sleigh around the world, answering those letters from Santa with gifts. He lands on the roof of the house and then slides through the chimney to deliver the gifts. Santa eats the cookies left for him by the children in the house near the Christmas tree.

Who was Saint Nicholas?

Saint Nicholas was a Turkish Saint who lived in the 3rd-4th century. He was a great believer in Jesus Christ and used to help the poor and needy with their problems.

Old and Modern Santa Claus

If we look at mythological and historical points of view, Santa is quite popular in folk tales. The original modern Santa is The Dutch Sinterklaas, possibly related to the figure of St. Nicholas, who is found in fictional stories. The Greek and Byzantine folklores also mention a similar figure.

The modern Santa Claus with his rotund figure and thick white beard was popularised mostly by a cartoonist named Thomas Nast. In the 19th century, this image became quite popular in the United States and Canada. Children’s books, films, songs, radio, and television have only used and popularised this image.


Traditions and Rituals related to Santa Claus

 letters from Santa Claus have many traditions related to him. Children perform them in expectation of getting gifts in return from Santa Claus. These start days before Christmas, and some are performed weeks before. Other rituals such as preparing a special breakfast for Santa starts on Christmas eve. Hanging socks and stockings so that they are filled with gifts is a ritual that is centuries old. There is also a tradition of keeping milk and cookies for Santa to regain his energy while distributing gifts.

We are writing letters to Santa.

One more tradition which has been there for many years is writing letters to Santa and letters from Santa by kids. The content of these letters asks for gifts by the kids and a promise that they will behave well for the next year. The reverse is also there with some websites such as Santa  Claus greetings.com, offering services such as delivering a letter from Santa along with gifts to kids. Anyone in exchange for money can avail of these services.