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What’s Next?: Using Property Technology To Reply To The Billion Dollar Question

Within the This summer 5 issue of Real estate Occasions, columnist Bob Search highlights that in California, new realtors are appearing in the rate of 6.5 each hour, 24 hrs each day, seven days a week.

Actually, should you put all the agents together, their number will make them the fifth largest city in California.

That’s lots of competition.

This means that every evening, when you attend bed in California, you awaken 8 hrs later with 52 more and more people competing for a bit of exactly the same property cake.

Sure, many of them will give up within the next couple of years. This is the nature from the business, however that still leaves lots of property professionals available pursuing your prospects, your customers as well as your business.

What’s a great way to make certain you remain one step ahead?

Working harder is not the solution. Lengthy term, it is not a really efficient plan and can result in burn-out pretty rapidly.

Plus, there’s always someone who definitely are able and prepared to continue to work harder and faster.

A much better response is to operate “smarter” and to be wondering, “What’s Next?”

Exactly what does this relate to property technology?

By utilizing property technology to automate your company systems, you can assist produce the time you have to determine a solution to your “What’s Next?” question.

That one question, “What’s Next?” can be a catch-all for office questions like:

-How do i make my service better?

-What new issue will I solve in my clients?

-What were the main problems from my last 10 transactions and how do i redefine or retool things i do in order to either minimize the likelihood of individuals happening again or prevent them altogether?

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