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What Information Should You Collect Before Visiting Japan

Japan is one of the most enthralling countries to visit for every traveler. However, garnering the necessary information while traveling to this country can help you wander different destinations with a relaxed mind. Whether it is to learn the ancient culture of the country or to know the secretsbeyond the technological brilliance you witness, Japan is a destination you cannot skip. Contrary to what people say about the usage of credit card in this country, there are several places that accept credit cards in Japan. Although that does not mean that you need not carry cash, the credit card usage is common in various restaurants and shops.

Removing shoes and following rules in the subway

You should not visit a restaurant without wearing socks as in many places, they will ask you to remove your shoes. Unless you are happy walking barefoot outside home, you must never forget your socks. Most people in Japan follow every rule seriously, so be sure to include yourself in the list. Therefore, you must stay quiet and composed when availing a public mode of transport. You cannot use cell phones or engage in eating or drinking in the transport. Furthermore, you should avoid occupying the seat, which is solely reserved for pregnant women, people with disabilities, or elderly person. You need to stand in a queue on the left side of the door and wait for people to exit the train before boarding.

Reputation of restaurants

When collecting japan tours info, especially about restaurants, you should not ignore the reputation of the facility. Quite naturally, you will find a long queue in front of an eatery even when it is raining and no eaters at all in a restaurant adjacent to it. If you are planning to visit a few cities of Japan, you need to find out how a good reputation built over several years determine the choice.

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