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What are the Aetna Medicare advantage plans?

Medicare advantage plans refer to alternative ways that allow people to gain access to the benefits that Medicare parts A and B offer. Most Medicare advantage plans also offer patients access to prescription drugs because they are covered under them. There are several companies in the United States that offer Medicare Advantage plans and you can easily access them any time you want. These companies are usually private and owned by private citizens of the United States.

In this article, I will be looking at the different Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans that are available to you and your family any time you need them. You should know that Aetna has a wide range of plans available to you and most of these plans include prescription drugs.

Health Maintenance Organization plans

Aetna provides its Medicare services as a network since it provides coverage throughout the country. When you join the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan, you will be assigned a primary care physician who will provide you with all the healthcare services you need if the help you need falls in their purview.  The client is allowed to choose the physician of their liking, but the physician must be an in-network one.

The physician is usually a doctor and will form the primary medical contact for all issues that are related to the client’s health. The doctor will be responsible for many issues, including providing referrals for a hospital that the client needs to visit as well as a specialist. The specialist or hospital that the member (client) uses must be from a specific network unless the medical issue is an emergency. Out-of-network benefits under this plan are very limited.

However, some of the benefits you can expect to receive include prescription drug coverage, dental, hearing, and vision coverage, mail-order benefits, and global emergency care coverage.

Preferred Provider Organization plans

Preferred Provider Organization Plan is often abbreviated as PPO and it is one of the most common plans that Aetna offers. Under this plan, members are allowed to visit any provider they prefer without having to receive a referral from an in-network physician first. However, there are some Aetna PPO plans where the member is allowed to choose their own primary physician so that they can cut on cost of coverage.

Not using an in-network physician means that the cost of coverage has to be higher. Notable Aetna PPO plan benefits include hearing, vision, and dental cover, mail-order benefits, prescription drug coverage, and global emergency care cover.

Other Aetna Plans

Aetna has introduced several other plans under its banner in the recent past. Other Aetna Medicare supplement plans 2022 include prescription drug plan, dual eligible special needs plan, Medicare supplement, and group Medicare plan. Group Medicare is the type of Medicare plan that applies to business. It means that businesses can apply for the plan for its workers. This plan usually includes virtual behavioral healthcare that is conducted through video chat and phone. Group Medicare is available in all the fifty states in the United States and Washington DC.

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