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Web series everyone must watch in 2020

Nowadays, people show interest in watching web series, as the OTTs release web series in different genres to attract an audience. But, in terms of Telugu, there are few options to watch pure Telugu web series. In this sense, Aha videos, an exclusive Telugu OTT providing many super hit pure Telugu web series. 

With these developments, the Telugu audience turned to watch web series. To entertain the Telugu audience, Aha videos brought many web series under different genres. Let’s have a look at the web series everyone must watch in 2020 at aha.

Geetha and Subramanyam 2020

Geetha and Subramanyam 2020 is a sequel to earlier Geetha and Subramanyam, which was released through YouTube while OTT platforms are not familiar to the Telugu people. The earlier initial one became a super hit on YouTube with the highest views. 

The director Siva Sai Vardhan showed the sweet fights, ego differences, incidents between a couple, who are in live-in together relationship. The web series got a tremendous response from the audience. Especially family and youth audiences attracted to this web series. Browse the terms ‘Telugu shows online’ to watch Geetha and Subramanyam 2020 at Aha. 


The suspense crime thrillers always attract the common movie lovers. Many upcoming directors turned star directors with these genre movies. The genre is not to be limited with movies, but also extended to web series now. The director Pradeep Deva Kumar attempted a web series named Locked under the genre of suspense thriller. Pradeep’s attempt was Locked and became a super hit on Aha. 

The story is about a neurosurgeon Dr. Anand who is locked by strange people in his own house. Why does this happen? Who’s that strange person? What problems, situations faced by Dr. Anand at that time? The answers revealed in the pre-climax and climax episodes of the web series. Satyadev played the lead role, appearing as Dr. Anand. 

In other lead roles veteran character artist Srilakshmi appeared in a vital role in the web series. BindhuPagidimarri, Vasu Inturi, Abhiram Varma, etc played other lead roles. All lived in their roles. Locked running successfully on Aha with high views. Browse the terms ‘Telugu shows online’ to watch Locked on Aha. 


A web series came with love and extramarital affairs. Naveen Medaram, who directed the web series showed how women facing indiscrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence on the name of marriage in the society. The director attempted it quite boldly, but he convinced the point, which he wants to tell the audience. JennifferPiccinato, Thiruveer, Deepti Sati, Ravi Varma appeared in lead roles. They justified their roles within the limits. 

The web series is a counseling to the people in the present trend. Sin available in 7 episodes. Sin received very good views from the audience. It ran successfully with the best rating on Aha. Browse the terms ‘Telugu shows online’ to watch Sin in Aha.

Apart from the above, many super hit pure Telugu web series are placed in Aha to entertain the Telugu people. So, visit Aha and get unlimited entertainment with pure Telugu web series.


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