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Top Sensual Lingerie for All Body Shapes

Undergarments are essential items for women wardrobe. They are particularly designed for smoothing and flattering the body. Lingerie is a trendy and necessary undergarment item for every girl. You will be wonder after knowing that what lingerie can do for you. Whether you are single or not, it gives you confident and keeps you happy. It adds some sensual touch to your look and makes you appealing for your partner. It is a must-have item for weddings and anniversaries. Most importantly, you don’t need any reason to purchase lingerie. If you are confused what type of lingerie suits on your body, then keep scrolling this article to know the answer. Shop your desired lingerie at much lower rates with the backing of couponify.sg. Utilize Pomelo code from this site and manage your monthly budget easily. Let’s talk about some body types that are appropriate for different type of lingerie.

  • Hourglass Body Type:

For this type of body, consider lingerie that adds some seductive touch to your look. If you have big torso and bump then you should choose garter belts, teddies, or corsets.

  • Triangle Body Type:

If the size of your buttocks is slightly higher than normal, then consider bustier and negligee options are great for this body shape.

  • Rectangular Body Type:

For smooth or athletic figure, you want something that helps to show some curves. You can consider garter belts and teddies for statement look.

  • Inverted Triangle Body Type:

This kind of body shows that your torso is bigger than your bump. Halter necks are best for you that aid to achieve classy and seductive look.

  • Round Body Type:

You need something that is figure-flattering and hide your irregular body parts. For this body type, a pair of chemises and lingerie gowns is ideal selection.

You can get every type of lingerie at much reasonable rates because of the presence of couponify.sg. Click and collect pomelo code from this place and enjoy the utmost discount on various clothes, accessories, and shoes. Here we have listed some finest lingerie:

Garter Belt:

This stylish lingerie deserves your attention and place in your closet collection. It arrives with lace bra and a panty. The four straps help to hold up stockings and keep in place. It is a chic option to wear under many dresses and skirts. Moreover, it is adorable and perfect for all body types.


No one can deny the versatility and functionality of camisole. This completely laced lingerie with similar panty take your intimate fashion to a whole new level. You can wear it under shirts and tight dresses in order to hide your pant lines.


It is imperative that nightwear should be comfy and soft. This sensual satin nightgown is great for sleeping and lounging. It is really versatile and practical for daily use. Add this to your wardrobe without breaking your budget. Take gain of pomelo code which is offered at couponify.sg and save your paycheck.

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