Tips on How to Avoid Debt

With an unemployment benefit you have less income than before. Do you find it difficult to make ends, these are some of the things one to do so as to avoid debt.

 First Pay the Rent or Mortgage

As an administrator I help people with money problems. A debt is quickly made. It often starts with the rent or mortgage, a large amount. Those who do not pay the fixed costs have a major problem in 2 months. It is difficult to get out of debt. Preventing them is easier. Always pay your housing costs first.

List Income and Expenses

Do you know what you’re spending? Most people know about it. List your expenses for a month. This often yields surprising insights. Make two columns. Enter your income on the left, benefit, any allowances, maintenance or income. for example, if you have a car you get to know the expenses it will cost to avoid car backlog(รถค้างค่างวด which is a term in Thai) same implies to other bills. Add everything up. You will immediately see what you can cut back on. You can easily create such an overview on paper or in Excel.

 Cut Back

If you don’t make ends meet every month See if there are fixed costs that you can cut back on. Maybe you can sell your car? That saves hundreds of euros per year in fuel, insurance and tax. Cycling is good for body and mind. And who knows, if you are still healthy, you may be able to quit smoking. See if you can also save on your groceries. Always take a shopping list with you. Go to a cheap supermarket and stick to your list. Choose the products that are low on the shelf, these are often the house brands.

Get Help on Time

Call the agency or send a letter. Explain what’s going on, tell how long it’s going to take, and make a payment proposal. If you find that difficult Go to your town. There are people at the counter who are happy to help you. This can be done anonymously. And remember, a low debt is easier to resolve than a high one.

Track All Expenses

Keep a cash book and write down all your expenses. Also, that one pack of chewing gum that you paid from the change. Calculate what you can spend weekly. Do not withdraw money more than once a week and pay everything in cash. Really try to keep this up. That way you can save yourself from the financial problems.