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Tips For Safe Driving

Soon, many people will start their vacations, and others will return after having enjoyed them during December. This date may be the day of the year that more cars are mobilized and, consequently, when more traffic accidents occur. Therefore, following a series of guidelines when driving is essential to avoid incidents on the road.

  1. Always Drive With Your Seat Belt Fastened

The belt is the only brake on the body in the event of an impact, both for the driver and other passengers. It is essential always to wear it and check that it works properly. In the case of pregnant women and children, the following precautions from Towing service (บริการยกรถ , which is the term in Thai) should be taken:

Pregnant women can correctly fit the existing belt in the vehicle or purchase a unique system that allows it to be adjusted without pressing on the abdomen. It is essential to wear it between the breasts and as low as possible on the hips. It should not end up being placed on the woman’s belly because it could harm the baby, and not resort to tweezers or fillers to alleviate discomfort.

Children: the existing security systems in any vehicle are not equipped, though, and designed for the little ones. Therefore, children must always wear a restraint system appropriate to their height and weight to travel safely. These security systems must be placed at the rear. The most successful thing would be to place the chair in the opposite direction to the march, preferably in the central square to avoid side blows

  1. Make Sure The Vehicle Is In Good Condition

Inspect the car at the start and end of the trip. We must check our particular vehicle’s safety systems, such as belts, child seats, even the pressure of the wheels, oil levels, lights, brakes, fill the tank with diesel or gasoline, etc. In case we are going to use a rental car, before starting the trip, we must familiarize ourselves with the vehicle, especially with its safety functions, such as knowing where they are and how the hazard lights, reversing, and windshield wipers work, etc. 

Another important thing that must be tested before leaving with the rental car is the brake’s state. Make sure they are working correctly and familiar with the specific response time of the vehicle, as this may vary from one vehicle to another, although this Towing service 24 hours (รถลาก24ชั่วโมง, which is a term in Thai) is available for you..

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