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Tips For A Dog Treat Packaging

Here’s something special for the dog-loving community. Have you thought of baking special canine treats for the other pet guardians of your community? Owing a dog bakery can be of more fun than you can think about. To start with such a new venture, you might include a gift-giving event, and dog treat packaging plays a vital role here.  Remember that packaging is a part of your business promotion.

To make your customers happy, you can try to find out custom printed boxes in Australia and make your DIY dog packaging boxes. However, you need to make sure that your customers are proud too of what they are buying from your business.

Here are some DIY dog treat packaging tips to help your business flourish.

●     Abide By The Labelling Guidelines

The state authorities and the FDA require some specific information to be printed on your pet treat packaging. No matter which types of packaging you choose, it should be big enough to display manufacturer information and ingredient listing. Make sure to check the state requirements and also the rules and regulations by the FDA. They might ask you to include a detailed breakdown of the product, which contains essential information like the percentage of moisture, fibre, fats, and protein in the food items.

●     Consider using bakery boxes

If you are searching for custom printed boxes in Australia, consider using bakery boxes. They are sure to add a classic touch to your packaged treat for the doggies! Bakery boxes are already very colourful to grab attention towards your in-store display. Such boxes come in various shapes which allow tailoring them as per the size of the specific treats you pack. You can also keep the bakery boxes aside and offer them only during the gift-giving events.

●     Cellophane pouches with ribbon closure

Cellophane pouches offer you the option to package dog treats in different colours. You can also print any dog-related symbol or pattern in the cellophane bags. Dark-coloured cellophane pouches might make the treats unclear, but the customers will nonetheless understand their sizes and texture. To appear more trustable to the customers, try using transparent cellophane bags as they will clearly show whether the food items are in satisfactory condition.

●     Use metal tins

Metal tins might be a costlier dog treat packaging option. If you a dog bakery start-up, you can look for a reusable tin and print your business logo and contact information. That will give a new look to the tin and will also serve as a valued piece for long-term marketing. To add a special touch, you can look for bone-shaped tins available online. Once the customers are satisfied with your packaging techniques, and with the quality of the treats, they will come back again.

Besides the above-mentioned packaging mediums, you can also use paper bags and resalable plastic for your homemade dog treat packaging initiative. Initiating a dog bakery is no doubt a lucrative business venture provided you know the proper titbits. Offering high-quality pet foods in decorative and cute packaging should be the motto of your investment.

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