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Things To Look For In A Japan Tours Blog And Include In The Itinerary

It may be really difficult for you to decide what to include in and what to exclude from your itinerary when you visit Japan for the first time, given the fact that there are so much on offer in the form of festivals, food, natural and manmade beauty. Add to that the plethora of Japan tours blog make confuse you even more. Well, here is blog that will make it easy for you and keep things simple with most of the popular things to do in Japan as a tourist. Ideally, your inclusions will depend on your budget, the time of visit and the time you want to spend in Japan.

Visit Gion at night

The spots and activities to include in your itinerary will also depend on the mode of travel you wish to follow. For example, if you love walking, consider walking at night in Gion, the Geisha district of Kyoto. This is the most traditional and historic part of this region. You can know everything about the geishas from your guide right from their daily lives, hairstyles and the kimonos. The traditional buildings by the side of the streets will make the night and your trip really magical. 

Bust trip to Fuji

If you like to travel by bus, book a full-day trip to the spectacular Mount Fuji. This holds a very significant place in Japanese culture. Also visit the Fuji Five Lakes around this grand stratovolcano, have some traditional local foods and take a picture beside a ninja! If you do now want to walk or travel in a bus, book a ticket for a robot show in a robot restaurant. These shows last for about 90 minutes that depicts the most sophisticated technology, a mark of Japan. Therefore, Japan has something for the active travelers, the not-so-active ones and even for the lazy.

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