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The Progress of the Civil Society in Economic Progress: The Key

More and more it appears that civil society organizations can no longer solve complex social issues on their own, with the existing way of working. We see more and more organizational networks emerging in the (semi-) public sector. Despite their importance for the effectiveness of the public domain, we still know little about the design and benefits of these networks. An organization conducted a preliminary study into the functioning and future of organizational networks in the social domain.

The Right Networks

Organizational networks form and according to some even the ‘organizational answer’ to complex, social issues such as: How can we make the elderly live at home longer in a good way? How do we give residents with a psychological vulnerability a good place to live in the neighborhood, while retaining the resilience of the neighborhood? How can we best support households with multiple problems, with a sustainable effect?

In the publication Organization Networks of Value, The service offers a first insight into the functioning of these new organization networks. Characteristics of the networks we examined are: they are usually an initiative of several social organizations that together tackle a task and actually take the implementation in hand. On the basis of equality, the independent organizations with their own competences contribute to tackling complex, ‘tough’ social issues. The issues they deal with often have a cross-domain focus and are aimed at creating value for others in society. You can Read Value Network and Collaboration’s review and opt for the same.


The value of learning to network

As a starting entrepreneur, it is crucial to learn how to network and to actively build a valuable network around you. After all, your network plays an important role in the growth and growth of customers within your company.

The importance of learning to network

When you are only starting and building your own business, you would prefer to receive your first customers or sell your first products or services as soon as possible. This is where the importance of learning to network comes into play. To attract customers it is important that people know who you are and what your services or products are.

Learning to network between hope and fear

With a growing number of freelancers, the number of networking opportunities is also growing. There is a need for meeting moments between freelancers. Of course it is good to show your face at a network event, but visiting a network drink alone is not enough. Often, participants in a networking event all come in with the hope of meeting potential customers and the fear of returning home unharmed. And yet that is often the case, unless you learn which way of networking is most effective for you.