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The most important difference between humans and other animals- Education

If there is one thing that separates humans from other animals then it has to be their education. Education is the single most important part of human life. Without proper education it is almost impossible to lead a good life in today’s world. Now only education teaches you about the worldly affair but it is also what builds human character. Thus it is very important to get proper education ion order to become successful and get established in modern society. Now there are different forms of education but commonly the term education is associated with institutional education. There are many stages even in institutional education like pre-school, mid school and high school and then there is college and university education.

What is GED Exam? How does it work?

Though there are different systems of education in different countries but some standard tests has been developed for the sake of students to help them with their education in foreign countries. One of the most prominent standard exams that has high value in most foreign countries is the GED exam (สอบ GED,which is the term in Thai). The GED exam stands for general educational development exam. It is a standard test equivalent to high school degree in most countries. There are basically four subjects on which this exam is taken. The first is language mostly English, then there is mathematics, social studies and science. These four subjects form the basic paper in the exam. Any student can take up this exam. The full mark of the exam is 200 and the pass mark is 145.

Get proper coaching for GED Exam in Thailand

Now if you actually look at the question pattern and syllabus of the exam then you will see that it is quite a tough exam. That is why you must get help from tutors and educational and coaching institutes. If you are in Thailand and want to get proper coaching and guidance on GED exam then make sure to get in touch with a reliable coaching institute like the interpas.

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