Target it with your Crossdraw Holster

A small device that is made to hold a handgun, is known as a holster. It restricts the movement of the gun where it is not supposed to move, in unlikely situations and surroundings; and it is also easy to access when the need arises immediately. This device is often attached to the waistband. However, it can be attached to other places also, like the ankle, arm, etc., according to when and where the access is required. Various types of holsters vary based on their task of protecting or securing the firearm. The different designs of the holsters are; holster having a strap over the top of it to keep the gun from falling or keeping it away from any person who can grab it. The other design; has a flap over the top of it to protect the gun.

The body can carry the holster in different positions; near the hip, abdomen near the appendix, or even the small side of the back. It is usually based on the dominant hand/side of the person using it. Then came in the cross-draw holster. It was originated in the old West. Crossdraw Holster is an angled belt holster that is positioned on the weak side of the body and of which, the gun belt is canted forward. People who used handguns, then believed that it would be easier t defend themselves when the holster would be positioned “cross-draw”.


 It is usually carried in this manner; positioning the holster on the weak side of the body, usually 9’o’ clock to 11’o’ clock position for right-handers and 1’o’ clock to 3’o’ clock position for left-handers. However, it still depends on the user, according to his or her comfort. Then, is placing the pistol in the holster, in such a way that the butt-ending face is forward or outside. Then easily, to pull out the gun, all a person has to do is reach around the body, with the dominant hand, catch the backside of the gun and pull it out of the holster and operate it. However, it is not as easy as it sounds in the steps. The whole process is quite a risky one. A person has to give in a lot of practice to have a smooth and safe experience.


The cross draw holster has a lot of pros and a very few cons. The pros are; it is proven that the cross-draw holster improves the ability of the gun owners to defend themselves from the danger that comes their way. It also reduces the chances of getting attacked from the rear side of the person. Also, a revolver is the best option to be carried in the holster. There are a lot of options of crossdraw holsters to choose from but, the safety, effectiveness, and experience of the cross draw holster are one of the most appreciated. However, it is completely up to the owner of the gun, because at the end of the day, he/she has to operate it.