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Home Improvement

Read this to know how you can make your environment more soothing for your mind:

There are many people out there who loves to work from the comfort of their home. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Those who are freelancers know this very well. There are a lot of distractions when you have to work alone from your home. It becomes quite arduous to be able to keep yourself concentrated onto a task and not to procrastinate. A lot of the factors that interrupts your working routine has to do with the environment that’s surrounding you. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or at office, if your surroundings are not pleasant, you will not be able to hold your attention. To make your surroundings work, you don’t have to do a lot. But just have to keep things a little bit tidy. This will help you to relax your mind so you can focus more on your work.

Add small things to your room which makes your mind calm:

Apart from meditation and yoga, one should also consider adding things to their room which seems pleasant to your eyes. The best thing to do is to invest in a Clock wreath [พวงหรีดนาฬิกา, which is the term in Thai] as one looks at a clock innumerable times while working. Seeing your clock circumvented by a beautiful piece of fabric can do wonders for your mind. The other thing that you should do is to keep your mobile phones and tablets in another room so you don’t feel the urge to check social media every other minute.

Here’s why frequent breaks are important to keep your focus sustained:

It is highly advisable that you keep taking breaks at frequents intervals while working. Your mind should look forward to the time at which you will be able to relax it. This will make you even more productive as you will work faster with your full energy in place. Short breaks can make all the difference.

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