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Pros and Cons of Cat Laser Pointers

Want to have some fun with your cat in the house? Get a laser pointer, hide it in your hand, and point the dot on the ground. Your cat will jump and try to catch the moving dot every time. It is one of the most hilarious games you and your cat can enjoy playing together. You will roll on the floor laughing looking at your cat’s expression when he/she sees the laser beam on the floor. It’s like he/she wants to desperately catch the beam but can’t.

Although laser pointers have become a widely popular toy to enjoy with your cat, many vet doctors say that they are not safe for pets. On the other hand, many vets suggest that laser pointers can keep your cat physically active as long as you use the device safely. It may seem confusing for many especially with vet doctors having a difference in opinion for laser pointers. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this toy for cats.


1. Excellent for physical fitness

Would you like your cat to become a couched potato? No, right? The only issue is, Cats That Dont Shed love to sleep. They will find the slightest opportunity to head over to their kennel and take a nap. Don’t allow them that luxury. It will make them fat in a few weeks. Instead, get a laser pointer and allow your cat to chase its beam throughout the house. It is an excellent way to keep your cat fit.

2. Best game to keep boredom away

Cats get bored very quickly. You can give tons of toys to your cat but after a while, it will return to your lap to play with you. And it’s your responsibility to keep your cat entertained. Try a combination of two things: first, feed the best cat food in UK to lift his/her mood. Second, use the laser to get your cat involved in a fun game. The laser beam attracts your cat more than anything else. It will follow the beam wherever it goes, thus allowing your cat to stay engaged in an activity for hours.


1. Destructive behaviour

Cats are very swift when it comes to chasing. When you use a laser pointer, your cat will chase it like crazy. It may break vases, tear carpets, or even injure itself by hitting against a wardrobe. You wouldn’t want a fun game to turn into a blood fest soon.

Should you use a laser pointer?

There is no harm in using a laser pointer to play with your cat as long as you don’t point the beam at his/her eyes. But it would be better to end the game by pointing it at an object, such as a toy or flower so that your cat can grab it like a reward. If you continue to tease your cat with the laser beam, it may feel monotonous to him/her after some time.

And make sure you treat your cat with good food after the game. He/she will become hungry after running around so much.