Mistakes to Avoid in your Transition Study

Once construction is finished, the developer will transfer the common interest development’s ownership, control, and responsibility to the community association. When this happens, the board of association must hire a professional engineer to perform a transition study. It is important to find an expert who is well-versed in facilitating a transition study to ensure a successful transfer.

A transition study New Jersey is an essential requirement that encompasses reviewing a newly built property. This process ensures that a building is constructed while following the design drawings and meeting all obligations. Furthermore, it also covers the determination of any flaws regarding the building envelope, mechanical system, structure, and life safety of an establishment.

In New Jersey, key stakeholders must abide by the regulations specified in the Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act (PREDFDA) and New Jersey Condominium Act. This is to ensure that a proper NJ transition study will be done.

A comprehensive and effective transition study is only possible if the association hires a suitable individual. Every engineer has different skillsets. Also, their scope of knowledge and work experience vary. Therefore, it is crucial to find someone qualified to perform the task. Hiring an underqualified individual might miss underlying defects and building issues. If this happens, the developer or association might spend more expensive repair or replacement costs.

Additionally, the engineer who will do the transition study should create a thorough inspection checklist. Doing so can expedite the process and establish an organized workflow that will help avoid  confusion or missing any discrepancies.

Moreover, a systemized and detailed checklist will enable accountability. Underlying defects can easily be overlooked, which might cause a problem in the future, such as safety risks, costlier expenses, and legal charges. And creating an in-depth checklist can smartly save one from dealing with such issues.

These are just two examples of the mistakes one should avoid during a transition study. To know more about them, read this comprehensive infographic created by Lockatong Engineering.

Mistakes to Avoid in your Transition Study