Is It Possible to Track a Cell Phone Location by Its Number?

Many users know that it is possible to find the location of your smartphone in the event of theft or loss. In addition to the built-in standard functions, there are other ways to find out your device and we will tell you how.

Food for scammers?

If you search the internet for finding your phone location, tracking phones or looking for a cell phone in your web browser, you will get thousands of links to websites that supposedly help you track your phone. The sad news, however, is that 90% are fake websites that offer help in exchange for sending an SMS or creating an account.

Many sites claim to track your phone number, but in fact it is a smart way to collect user data or make users steal money by sending them expensive text messages. These services do not work.

Why not? First, the telephone number is stored on a SIM card. Such a card can easily be transferred to another device. Secondly, the telephone can easily be switched off and no telephone device can help. Thirdly, only providers can trace the phone via GPS, but this requires the permission of the owner of the device, who usually has a subscription contract. In such a case, it is indeed possible to trace the telephone number, which usually entails an additional fee for the subscription.

How can I track my phone?

Fortunately, it is possible to trace your device without using the services that are standard on your device. There are various 3rd party solutions that must be installed on the smartphone and / or computer. This way you can find out the location of your smartphone if thieves disable the standard functions. Using the JJSPY tracker app is essential there.

Apps for tracking phones

Prey is for example a service that you can use on Windows, macOS, Android and Linux systems and gives users the possibility to find the location of the device, take screenshots, take photos with the webcam and extra data for police services. track down.

Prey is free for home use and can be installed on three devices. Users can delete data remotely for $ 5 a month. If you want to use even more advanced functions, you can go for a home subscription ($ 15 per month) or a business account (no fixed price).

Airdroid is another service that can help you follow your device. Unfortunately this is not free. This program must also be installed – the user creates an account in the app, and when he logs in to the service page, he can manage his mobile devices.

This includes editing contacts and copying / deleting files and text messages. This is free, although in the free version the limit for data transfer is 100 MB per month. The paid version makes it possible to remotely start and control the camera and change ringtone settings.

Parental supervision

If you are wondering how to find your child’s phone, you can use parental control apps or use the standard features of your device.

Do you prefer to use a 3rd party app? Then you can use tools such as Norton Family Premier (included in Norton Security Premium), AVAST and ESET. These types of solutions make it possible to protect your device and at the same time check the location of your child.