If You Would Like a great Technology Landscaping You Have To Do it Alone

A technology landscaping which is a type of patent informatics includes a highly sophisticated SOP. An individual must go stepwise to reap maximum information inside a logical way.

The initial step involves non-literature search which appears to become a easy step but really forms the building blocks associated with a landscaping since it is the origin that a mapper can comprehend the underlying technology, condition from the art and pick some important keywords to initiate keyword explore various databases. Next comes looking part and there’s much probability you will get the junk in individuals results.

Throughout the screening of on the right track results, an individual has to know the fundamental needs which should be satisfied while deciding an effect to become on the right track and from that he needs to comprehend the technology completely. Also during screening you discover cases when it is not easy at your discretion its relevancy but finally you consult with your manager or well define a criteria to place it in on-target or off-target.

Now suppose from 300 records you do 150 as well as your friend does the remainder. Within this situation there’s maximum probability the contradictory records that you’ve place in off-target your mate has put the standard record in on-target. Here’s the error starts.Now, because of resource restrains imagine that the screened results visit the third guy for analysis… the next phase after screening. Now, here if analyzer is just one… he is able to perform a nice analysis removing off targets or no in the opinion what if two persons is going to do case study? Again exactly the same bet on two different minds thinking in completely different perspective… the mistakes amplify in this manner.