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Ideas To Celebrate Quarantined Birthdays

Is a loved one having a birthday in isolation? Don’t worry, and today we give you alternatives to celebrate at home or a distance.

The birthday of one of your very loved ones (family, friends) is approaching, but because of the preventive quarantine to stop the spread of COVID-19, you cannot have a party to celebrate it with your relatives? An interior designer and psychologist come up with clever ideas so that this critical date does not go unnoticed.

Preparing a decoration for birthday children at home is easier than you think, with available materials you can create a pleasant and unforgettable moment.

Ideas To Put Into Practice

  • Take back the classic breakfast gift: Take it to your room and place it on a table; if you have a small plant to decorate, put it. You can wake up the birthday boy with a song; happy birthday is ideal.
  • Make a videoconference in Zoom with the family or send birthday video wishes (video ucapan selamat ulang tahun, which is the term in Indonesia) and have each member tell an anecdote or something funny that they lived with the honoree.
  • Try to make the birthday boy’s favorite food. And if you go to the supermarket to nourish your refrigerator, you can take the opportunity to buy even a small cake or the ingredients to prepare it.
  • You can ask other family members (uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.) or friends to send you a short video of congratulations. Or make a collage of photos with your cell phones.
  • As for the decoration, first, choose a theme, for this, you need to know the birthday boy’s tastes, they can be superheroes, a soccer team, etc. So, if you have collectible toys, use them to decorate the dining room table or the place you choose to celebrate your birthday.
  • Please take out your best dishes, decorate a beautiful table, showing that it is a special day and different from the others.
  • Don’t have garlands? There are many options to make them with materials that your child may have left from the school year on the internet. You can use crepe paper, cardboard, manila folders, reuse, and you have an essential element: creativity. You can make pennants, the letters of the birthday boy, etc. Don’t forget to match it to the theme.
  • If you want to celebrate your partner’s birthday, you can place candles inside glass bottles or glasses, and it will give it a vintage and romantic touch.
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