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How to choose curtains?

Curtains are the game-changers. That’s a cliché. Indeed, it is but isn’t this 5-word sentence holding enough gravitas to make us realize their worth. The process involved in getting the perfect curtain is indeed tiresome with hours spent in sourcing the right fabric and getting it tailored but the aftermath is worthwhile. Buying ready-made ones are no less of a hassle either but as mentioned earlier, the effort that goes into sourcing  doesn’t go wasted when you witness the wonders it does for your living space.

Since we are discussing the chaos of choosing the right curtains, we have to bear this in our minds that nothing is right; you have to make it right. The same goes for curtains. Let me just guide you briefly with my knowledge in this regard. Choosing curtains can be an enjoyable chore keeping in mind certain key factors.

  1. Dimension of the room:

The dimensions of the room in which curtains are to be fitted is detrimental. No two rooms are alike and no set of curtains can get along well in every room. Smaller rooms can be made to appear bigger by placing neutral or earthy tones. On the other hand, larger rooms that create an empty ambiance can be visually shrunk by placing curtains with large motifs and bold tacky colors. Attention can easily be drawn from the empty space to the curtains with this trick.

2. Sunshine factor:

We all require plenty of sunshine since that’s how we generate new life. It’s also vital for our cell renewal. Insufficient sunlight exposure  can lead to various disorders, with vitamin d deficiency being a major abnormality in most city dwellings. Therefore, it’s vital to place curtains that allow plenty of sunshine to come when needed and cleverly designed to bar them when need arises.

3. Maintain privacy of residents:

It’s very important to  keep this key factor in mind while fixing curtains. It’s advisable here also to opt for drapes with heavy lining to obstruct prying eyes of neighbors. Some sheer lace curtains can be layered over drapes to provide some soft touch to the room. When drapes are drawn open, these sheer lace curtains provide some degree of privacy too. Well we all need to flaunt our opulent indoors, don’t we?

4. Children friendly:

In homes that have tiny tots as their residents, curtains should be chosen that require medium to no maintenance at all because with kids, hand stains are a common occurrence. The only thing that separates them is the category of stains: chocolate, ice-cream, curry, mud, cheese puffs, candies just to name a few.

For this purpose, it’s advisable to go for blinds that are out of reach for infants, toddlers and kids. Just place them above their height and you are good to go! Or curtains should be of such fabric that is removable and washable too without showing signs of wear and tear soon. Cotton or nylon curtains are best in this aspect.

  1. Cozy vibes:
    Upholstery should be selected to make our lives comfortable with just the right hint of elegance and style. The primary element is always comfort and all other factors rest beneath. Be they drape, blinds or curtains they should be able to bewitch our living space.
  2. Welcoming ambiance:

While choosing curtains for our homes, another key component is that they should exude welcoming aura to the living space. Our homes shouldn’t be showrooms to display our wealth or resources rather they should be the perfect crash pads for us and our loved ones. Also, from a hospitable point of view curtains should be the most welcoming of all the upholstery, since what meets us at eye level leaves a lasting impression.

Whatever the residents chose for their homes, the basic principle to bear in mind is that practicality comes before luxury. There’s no point in having a very glamorous set up that’s visually pleasing but tiresome to clean and maintain. In today’s very busy and hectic lives it’s best to stick to minimal furniture and upholstery that’s easy to tidy up because we don’t want to spend our leisure time tending to scrubbing and polishing, do we?

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