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How To Be An Expert In Online Rummy Game

Rummy Guide – Play Rummy Online @ RummyCircle

Online Indian rummy is one of the most popular games in India. It can be played for very attractive real cash rewards and it is 100% legal in India. The game requires the skill to count cards accurately and utilise memory and observation to remember opponents’ moves. With these skills a player can consistently win against strong opponents as well. There is of course some chance involved however, a skillful player can win rummy games consistently. 

Below are the key elements for becoming an expert in online rummy game:

  1. Counting cards : The game involves a lot of cards changing hands and the key is to lay down all your cards before others do the same. This is done by making sets and sequences. The key to making sequences quickly is keenly observing which cards were discarded by opponents and which cards have already been laid down inorder to ascertain probabilities during the game. One has to be aware of how useful a card that one is discarding might be to their oppennents. A master card counter can in fact successfully hold out for a long time without laying down any cards and lay down a full 13 card sequence in the end, which in turn awards a handsome bonus to the player. 
  1. Memory: One of the most obvious elements of becoming an expert at rummy is a sharp memory. One needs to keep track of the cards drawn and discarded by oneself and opponents. A player with a good memory can count cards better too.
  1. Joker management: The Joker cards, both printed and designated, are very important cards in the game of Online Rummy. It also forms a part of the strategy in the game. The joker is basically a substitute card for any other card of any other rank or suit however it does not contain any points. It is like a wildcard in the game of rummy used to form impure series/sets. But be aware that it can be the difference between winning or losing the game. Thus, the use of the Joker card is of strategic importance and the timing of it’s usage or discarding it plays a very interesting role in the outcome of the game for a player. 
  1. Priorities and making sequences: In Indian rummy it is very important to prioritise making at least one pure sequence to start with. The game is dependent on laying down all cards in sequences or sets as fast as possible so that you are able to get rid of all your cards before your opponents. In addition, one of the rules is that if you want to stay in the game at all you have to make at least one pure sequence before using impure sequences. Together this means that making sequences, starting with a pure sequence, and getting rid of extra jokers if needed is of utmost importance. 
  1. Knowing the rules: Last but most important is to be fully aware of all the rules without knowing which you cannot possibly win any game of Rummy especially since the online player community followers are game rules strictly. Also, if you don’t know the rules, you will not be able to strategize to win the game. For example if you don’t know the rules about the use of joker cards and impure sequences in the game, you would lose the game at the very beginning.


The game of Indian Rummy is a fairly simple game with simple and logical rules. However to become an expert in rummy, you need to have a keen sense of observation and know the above key elements well. Once you do that rummy can be a game that gives unlimited excitement and has quiet, suspenseful and loud rapturous moments alike. So wait no more, grab a chair on one of the,many online rummy tables and start playing. You can find articles on rummy rules and rummy apps to download online or on rummy platforms like RummyPassion. 

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