How does a business attire affects the productivity?

Dress code and the level of productivity greatly depend on each other which gives workers a sense of professionalism resulting in quality work. Organizations which allow their workers to wear casual attire at workplace face many problems. Workers might show lazy attitude to their managers which could affect the organizations productivity. Many studies have found out the way you dress at workplace will affect your performance greatly. Workers who wear formal dress may perform well as compared to the ones who wear casual dress. Organization who need to add dress code in their workplace must ask their employees before doing so. If the workplace is extremely casual then employees might have some objections regarding it. Since they are not used to such environment it would be extremely difficult for them to adjust in between. It is better that organization should take employees in the decision making as well. This would not only help them to work together but it will also maintain a good working environment.

What does a business attire include?

A business attire denotes to the outfit which is wore by employees at the workplace. This outfit may be formal, semi-formal, or casual as well. Those employees who want to make a good name in the organization strictly follows the rules and regulation. For men a formal business attire include a suit, shirt, tie, and shoes. Whereas women are asked to wear skirts, blouses or tops. Smart casual business attire for men include dress shoes, sports jacket, and tie. On the other hand, women requires to wear dress pants, shirt, or top. Business casual attire for men include casual pants, t-shirts, sweaters. While women wear jeans, shirt, and blouse.

How to buy a business shirt?

From Shirt factory [โรงงานเสื้อเชิ้ต, which is the term in Thai] to retail stores there are lot of things going on between. If you want to buy a perfect business shirt then try considering these factors. Firstly, you must make sure that dress shirt fits over your body. It should be made with best quality fabric. Lastly, do not forget to look out for its patterns and colors.