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As for the structure, men’s hair is different from women’s one, which means that it needs special care. The hair follicle is closer to the skin surface, and the shaft is more dense and less elastic. In addition, factors such as hormonal balance and lifestyle play an important role. Estrogens significantly increase the hair life, while androgens reduce it. Some experts attribute this to the development of alopecia (baldness) in men.

Hair care is not particularly difficult, especially if the man has a short haircut. Among the prerequisites – wash as it gets dirty. Despite the fact that modern hair care products are suitable for daily use, frequent treatment of the head is harmful. The skin “gets used” to the effects of substances that are included in shampoos, as a result of which it becomes more contaminated.

Shampoos from the mass market are often made from synthetic components and do not bring any benefit to hair and skin. It is better to pay attention to funds from manufacturer, who specialize in the production of men’s cosmetics and care products. They are more expensive, but the effect of their use is much better.

It is important to completely wash off the product from the hair as Midtown Barbers do in Manhattan Barbershops. The optimum water temperature is closer to cool; you do not need to rub your hair with your hands or a towel.

Also, if necessary (it is better immediately after washing with shampoo), treat the hair with a conditioner. If you have dry hair, apply a nourishing mask once a week.

Another required attribute is a neat haircut. Well-styled hair enhances the status of men both in the professional environment and among women.

After washing, it is better to wrap your head with a towel, so the water will absorb much better than with active friction. If possible, it is worth letting the hair dry on its own.

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