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Hair care in Manhattan

Men hair is significantly different from women’s in Midtown Manhattan. Yes, hairs are identical in structure and composition, but in other aspects differences begin. Due to hormonal differences, the life phase of a male hair is much smaller, but at the same time testosterone provides it with special strength, thickness and rigidity. Thanks to these factors, men’s hair is less sensitive to external influences: chlorinated water, UV radiation, dry air and temperature changes.

In addition, short haircuts provide the best nutrition for hair. The distribution of vitamins and minerals occurs along the minimum length. As a result, men’s hairstyle retains its beauty and expressiveness longer without effort.

However, after a certain period with a careless attitude to the hair, problems inevitably appear: dandruff, severe brittleness, baldness. All of them are very unpleasant, and it is better to prevent than to eliminate later.

There are not many men who like to spin around the mirror and do hairstyles for a long time, but if a stylish haircut is done, then you can not do without styling.

To slightly emphasize the texture of the hairstyle, a wax is suitable. Rub it in your hands and apply on the hair with a thin layer. Your haircut will be slightly fixed and will take a very relaxed look.

For stronger fixation, styling gel is suitable.

Recently, retro-style has begun to gain popularity. Young people can do a hairstyle like Elvis Presley did. It looks stylish and spectacular.

For those, who prefer classic men’s haircuts, styling products will not be needed. A good shampoo and natural drying of the hair will be enough to look attractive.

As you can see, hair care is not at all difficult. No need to remember an endless list of complex rules. Nature itself has endowed men with strong hair, but it also requires additional nutrition. But do not forget the simple rules for caring of it. Then no one will doubt your attractiveness.

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