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Food Nutrition Labels: Six “Catches” You Need to Know

Have you ever bought some groceries and wondered at some information written on the labels? Well, here are some ‘catches’ to know about potato nutrition facts or information when next you buy some potato vegetable.

  1. All-natural: The most common misleading caption is ‘All natural,’ a term that ordinarily means that all the ingredients used in making that product are natural and not artificial. However, manufacturers and their brands exploit a loophole -no law states that artificial ingredients cannot be used in a product labeled ‘all-natural.’ So, while you read that term and think, yeah, this is the deal, you might be going home with a pack of groceries having some artificial stuff.
  2. Free from: The term ‘free from’ is another wrong caption commonly used. Common labels carry ‘free from alcohol, ‘alcohol-free,’ ‘saccharin-free,’ etc. But in reality, those products may contain those particular ingredients they are labeled free from. Why? Ingredients present in tiny or minute quantities (usually less than 2 mg) may be labeled as absent or free from. Basic potato nutrition facts should tell you that all fried foods have some fat, but potato fries may be labeled fat-free.
  3. No added sugar: Reading this, you might be happy that you found a product that has no artificial sugar (that your doctor warned you about). What you may not realize is that the food either contains enough natural sugars or they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. This misleading label is legal, of course. But you can best them by learning the names of artificial sweeteners.
  4. No saturated fat: Foods labeled this way are thought to be healthy, but they may contain other facts that are ultimately harmful to you. Look out for other terms such as cis and trans fat on labels before you buy.
  5. Grass-fed meat: C’mon! All herbivorous animals we eat are grass-fed (at least for most parts of their life). The brand wants you to picture a healthy animal feeding on healthy grass, an image that makes you think the meat is healthy. However, all kinds of meat carry the same health risk.
  6. Gluten-free: One important potato nutritional facts is that they are gluten-free. Potato flour may be used in some recipes to which some other ingredients containing gluten are added. Labels of such foods carry the ‘gluten-free’ written boldly, and ‘potato flour’ written just below in smaller font.
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