Finding the Right Towel for You

To pick a towel that normally matches you, it is crucial to comprehending the tags as well as selecting a quality towel [ผ้าขนหนู, which is the term in Thai].

  • The material is necessary!

The initial thing you observe about labels is naturally the material of the item. Towels can be made of products such as bamboo, cotton, or microfiber. Although the product has its own characteristics, its naturalness as well as its rapid water absorption, cotton is one of the most recommended material. The cotton has the soft qualities in its nature; the water absorbency, as well as the quick-drying out time, supply a comfy usage in towels, encounter towels, and bath towels. It is also known that hydro-cotton towels, which give the thread a more extensive framework with a unique manufacturing process, supply various advantages than standard cotton towels.

  • Production

The choice of material is sadly not enough for a good quality towel. With a cotton towel, the whole process, from collecting cotton from the field to getting to the customer, plays an essential role in determining the towel’s quality. Many factors influence the quality of the towel that can be purchased on the racks, such as 1 or 2 layers of woven or weaved, shade, yarn, etc.

  • Weight

Another printout that can be seen on the towel tags is GSM. GSM is an acronym for grams per meter. All materials have a different weight as well as thickness, mainly from 300-900 GSM. Nevertheless, we cannot state that the GSM ratio of the towel directly influences the quality. The thickness of the towel can differ depending on the application. When choosing a cooking area towel, you can pick a lighter towel as well as when picking a towel that you want to use after showering; you can choose a heavier towel. Since the weight of the towel likewise influences the drying stage, it can vary, relying on the location of use as well as use behaviors.