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Features of shaggy rugs

Shaggy rugs have been a category in rugs, designed to beautify the overall atmosphere of the room. These are distinctive in style and this is what differentiates them from the rest of the rugs and carpets placed. It is the thickness of these carpets that makes them different, making the fabric last longer than its expected time. As far as shagginess is concerned, the strands that are barely trimmed offer a shaggy look on the surface. Thus, helping to achieve eminence, while the softness offers a completely comfortable touch.

A brief history of shaggy rugs

Centuries ago, shaggy rugs have the existence as we were made from the goatskin. The advancement in technology today opened up numerous options for the consumers as they can get in a wide variety. Although wool is still a preferable choice, shaggy rugs today are even made out of synthetic materials. Thus, eco-friendly options for the consumers. 

Benefits of custom made shaggy rugs

  • From the tight construction to the thickness of the pile, shaggy rugs are evidenced to be a durable option. No matter the amount of traffic, having them placed eliminates the stress of footing. The coziness and comfort offered through the cover are what add more to the value of rugs.
  • One another advantage of choosing to have these rugs placed is simplicity in being maintained. Not only they are easy to move from one room to the other, but having rugs is also beneficial for storage purposes. Not only they are resistant to stains, but the fire retardancy they carry also confirms the rugs are produced from natural material. 
  • Since they carry their style, they are qualitative and contemporarily rich. When having it placed in your home, the soft and cozy touch makes it ideal. 
  • Unlike other types of rugs, having these shag rugs installed are beneficial. One of the reasons is their easy maintenance but high maintenance. One can easily pick it up and wash it away by placing it on the floor. This can be done once a month.
  • Even if you are allergic to rugs and carpets, shaggy rugs are one of the best options due to their hygienic texture and easy-to-clean feature. You can always play around on it with your kids.

Looking forward to a new style for rugs in your home that adds a modernized touch? Explore the internet for a large number of options and enjoy the beauty of designs and how to maintain them with all the interest. Having it customized is also possible. This means more benefits with the installation of rugs. Get the real wool shaggy rugs for adding a style statement to your room!


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