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Facade Inspection and Upgrade in NJ

A commercial building inspection NJ is an integral part of a property. This is to check whether the building has issues that can have a negative or hazardous impact on its occupants. Ergo, it should only be conducted by a qualified structural engineer NJ

The façade is the front of the building and is one of the most fundamental parts of a building. Aside from aesthetic purposes, this also protects the occupants from the extremities of weather. 

This is also why the facade has to be designed, built, and maintained with caution. However, inevitable circumstances, such as time and constant exposure to the changing weather, can deteriorate the quality of the facade. 

Building owners must conduct regular inspections to know whether their building’s façade needs repairs or upgrades. Help from an expert can be valuable in determining issues right away. Problems concerning the facade should not be neglected as they can result in potential hazards.

One of the first indications that a facade has issues is cracks. While there are instances wherein cracks are not of major concern, other circumstances indicate a more serious problem. For example, vertical cracks going up the concrete or masonry columns may indicate that there is an issue with the facade. A qualified building inspector can distinguish whether a crack indicates a severe structural problem. 

Corrosion is another sign that a structure needs restoration. Steel is a significant construction component. So when steel starts to have issues, like oxidation, it can corrode and result in major concerns. Orange rust spots and cracks in areas where the steel is located are early warning signs to look for. The sooner this problem is addressed, the less damage the building will sustain.

These two are a few facade issues one should beware of. More of these are discussed in this infographic from Lockatong Engineering. 

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