Easy Steps to Care for Your Towels

How to Wash Your Towels | Martha Stewart

Your towel is your personal belonging and just like your face, your body and every other thing you hold dear; your towel also deserves every bit of care. When you care for your towel you indirectly care for your skin as well.

Caring for your towel serves the purpose of insuring that it lasts for more extended periods; that the colours don’t wash off easily and also to preserve its absorbency. Let’s look at different ways to care for your bathtowel (bathtowel ผ้าเช็ดตัว which is a term in Thai).

Wash Your Towels Before You Use Them for the First Time

This does not mean towels are dirty when you buy them (well, some may be); but in order to avoid shedding of some fibres which is usually associated with new towels, there is need to wash them before their first use. Also to preserve the colour of your towels, you may have to add half cup of vinegar to your laundry water. You’ll thank me later.

Do Not Allow Your Towels to Pill

Pilling of towels occurs when the short fibres tangle with the long fibres of the towel, giving rise to short knots that may make you feel uncomfortable when cleaning your body. To prevent this from happening, make sure you wash your towels together and not with other fabrics.

Eliminate Towel Odour

When you don’t dry your towels properly, they may develop mild or strong misty odour. To prevent this from happening, dry your towels properly. However, do not over dry your towels as this may cause pilling.

If your towels have this odour already either because you didn’t dry them properly or because they have been in a bag for a long time, then add half a cup of baking soda to your laundry water, together with your choice of detergent. This will help eliminate the odour.

Replace Old Towels

No matter how much you love your bathtowels, there is need to replace them when they get old. When you’ve constantly used a towel for two years or more, the absorbency is likely to be lost; hence, it is necessary to change your towels when they are old. Don’t worry, you will still find your favourite colours.