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Do You Know Why Wasps Build Their Nests?

You can find about 7,000 different species of wasps in the UK and among them 9 of which can build their nests to house and colony too. Almost like bees, these wasp species can also be either social type or solitary type. Those wasps that prefer family life will build their nests to house all by themselves and also their colony.

If you are getting troubled by wasps in your vicinity then you may call any wasp pest control company from your area. Let us know about both these social as well as solotary type of wasps briefly. 

Social wasps

While finding a proper spot for settling down, most social wasps may not be too fussy as they may choose almost any place for building their new home. Their only requirement would be some safe, dry, and structurally sound place so that their nest will get proper support.

Social wasps will settle down within a hollow tree, manmade structures, or any rock crevices too. Some of these social wasps can settle for even underground places too for their nest.

To start their search process, the queen wasp will come out from hibernation and promptly choose any place quickly and call it their home. The queen will first decide the location and then will start building the nest by using woods by mixing her saliva. This is right for moulding.

Then queen will lay her eggs into any hollow spaces. The eggs will be hatched and then it will grow to turn into her first wasp as a worker. As these workers grow then they will take the responsibility for obtaining supplies to build the nest. The queen will then continue to lay eggs rest of her life.

As their number increases, they continue to grow their nests and build their colony. Some species’ may build larger nests, whereas few others may prefer to make a small and compact nest. However, whatever nests that they build will be perfectly suited for their needs and also the size of the colony.

Solitary species

Few wasps prefer to live a solitary life and hence build simpler nests for rearing their young. About 200 such species exist in the UK that generally make such type of nest.

All these wasps will like to spend their lives by paralysing tarantulas that can also be much larger as compared to them, and then use them as their host for the eggs and larvae. They will drag a certain tarantula for digging a special hole, or sometimes even in the den of the spider by using that as their pseudo-nest, instead of building one.

Several wasps may take advantage of fresh sources of foods in their environments like any other spiders and insects. Parasitoid wasps generally use other insects like hosts for their young ones, eating them fresh and alive.

These wasps can often be used as a pesticide in agriculture because the wasps’ young ones will feed on. In this way, they can keep pest numbers under certain control. You can take the help of pest control Manchester to eliminate their nests in your area.

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