Cost-effective Preschool Fundraising Ideas

Starting a preschool fundraiser is a common activity in almost every community. It is, however, important to have a clear and valid cause. To start a preschool fundraiser, it is very important to reach out for the assistance of everyone. And that includes the family, friends, school officials, local community officials, local business owners, and the church. With everyone working together, a fundraiser for kids will surely come out to succeed.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit

Preschool fundraisers don’t have to be costly especially when it comes to fundraising for kids. There is a lot of fun and exciting ideas to start fundraisers for kids. Selling recipe, guessing games, giving day fundraisers, read-a-thon, shoe-drive, and the list goes on. Remember, a fundraiser for preschool needs to be fun and most importantly, affordable.

Selling recipe fundraisers can be a lot of fun when you involve children. Every family has a secret baking recipe. It could be any recipe for cookies, cupcakes, brownies, or whatever baking recipe a family is willing to share. The secret recipe will be shared by making a recipe leaflet. Kids would be asked to design and make the recipe leaflet with the assistance of their parents. This helps encourage the kids to show their creativity. These recipe leaflets may be sold for a certain price to raise the fund needed for the preschool fundraiser.

Guessing game fundraiser is another fun and affordable idea. You can start it cheap or with no funds at all. This fundraising idea may be coordinated with the school teachers and officials. The guessing games may involve everyone like parents, kids, and even the teachers as well. Such a preschool fundraiser is engaging and helps kids develop their thinking ability. A small fee may be collected from the participants to raise funds and for the prize. Local businesses around may be asked for donations to support the fundraiser.

Giving day is another popular fundraiser for preschool in the U.S.A. It is a day of generosity and charity wherein kids are exposed in the spirit of giving. At an early age, kids would learn the value and importance of sharing. It could be selling some projects done by the kids at school. There can be many ideas for this fundraiser, and it could be anything like a-dollar-for-a-mystery-gift kind of thing. 

If you want a preschool fundraiser that helps boost literacy and learning for kids, then a read-a-thon is something to consider. It is a simple fundraiser that needs a few volunteers. To make it more fun for kids, you may organize a theme. Kids would love to read about animals, superheroes, fairy tales, and other storybooks for kids. This preschool fundraiser can be organized with the help of local bookstores or some read-a-thon companies. They can provide useful materials for this type of fundraising activity. Additionally, they can help to reach many potential supporters and facilitate the entire fundraising campaign. This could save you a lot of time and effort compared to managing the fundraiser on your own. 

Shoe drive for a preschool fundraiser is a simple yet effective way of raising funds. In fact, it is one of the most popular fundraisers suitable for schools. Kids, especially those in preschool are known to outgrow their shoes quickly. This means that most families have these slightly used pairs of shoes in their shoe cabinets. So how does this fundraiser work? Collect these gently used pairs of shoes, set up a date of selling, and provide a small booth to sell them. One easy way of selling the shoes is to contact someone who does a buy-and-sell kind of business. This saves cost and effort in providing a small booth. Your contact will just assess and calculate the value of the entire shoe collection and issues you cash or a check. 

Fundraising for preschool doesn’t have to be costly and difficult to facilitate. These days the preschool cost of operations continues to rise. In fact, the cost increases quicker than the pay raise of most parents. That’s why more people are considering preschool fundraisers. Fundraising for kids is proven effective in raising money for a cause. A small effort from the parents provides a direct benefit not only for themselves but for the kids as well. While the kids benefit from the collected proceeds, they also get to enjoy and have fun from the activities. 

Kids are also being introduced to learning the principle of people-helping-people. At a young age, children will be introduced to the life of charity work and generosity. Parents, teachers, school officials, and other organizations also create community bonding. This helps everyone contribute to the betterment of not just the kids but the community as a whole.