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B. Merry Sells Awesome Custom Made Ulu Pocket Knives

Ulu knives date back to 2500 B.C. these knives are incredibly versatile and capable. Initially, they were used to cut blocks, build igloos, chopping vegetables, sliced meats, cut hair, and so much more. Its ergonomic design increased its lifetime.

Today, these knives are utility powerhouses in kitchens, wilderness, and everywhere they are applicable. The design has improved, and there are various knives, including an ulu pocket knife. By the end of this read, you will understand why these knives are worth your attention. You will find out its uses, how to care for them, what to look for when buying one and where to buy one.

Uses of Ulu Pocket Knives

There is so much you can do with an ulu pocket knife. Here are a few examples:

  • Making Kindling for a Fire: when you go out camping, you should have a pocket knife. This knife comes in handy in various instances. For example, you will need a fire. Yet, you can light a fire on a big log. You need to make readily igniting wood using your knife. Ulu knives are sturdy. So, you can split wood too.
  • Opening a Can: sleeping hungry because you don’t have an electric can opener when you have a pocket knife is impossible. By creating an incision into the top of the can, you can move your knife around, cutting the top part and access the content inside.
  • Preparing Food: from filleting your fish, chopping vegetables, to cutting meat, and every other activity you carry out in the kitchen with a knife, you can do so with your ulu knife.

Caring for Pocket Knives

Caring for your knife is crucial to its lifetime. Here is how:

  1. Never put your ulu pocket knife in the dishwasher. Instead, use your hand and warm water. Be careful when cleaning around the edges as they are sharp and could hurt you. Ulu knives are known to maintain their sharpness. Thus, the blade is still sharp even when you don’t expect it to.
  2. After cleaning it, tap it dry before putting it away.
  3. Occasionally apply vegetable oil or mineral oil on handles to keep it moist. This ensures the longevity of the handle.

What to Consider When Buying an Ulu Pocket Knife

  • Build Material for the Handle: the original ulu knives had wood, ivory, and bone handles. In addition to these, handles can also be designed from sheep horns and other modern materials with Alaska authenticity.
  • Purpose: if you are looking for a custom knife, then you already know its purpose. Telling your manufacturer about the purpose of the blade helps him design the item considering your needs.
  • Size: the size of the ulu knife you buy defines its uses. The smaller it is, the fewer its usage. A small knife is ideal for small tasks, while a bigger knife is ideal for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Maintenance: sharpening an ulu knife is essential. However, different designs require a certain amount of skill to sharpen. So, get a knife you can easily sharpen.

Call bmerrystudio.com at (907)830-0190 if you need high-quality ulu pocket knives. As a brand based in Alaska, we understand our clients look for authenticity in various Alaskan products. This makes us your best source for all your pocket knives needs.

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