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Alcoholism Addiction News in Florida

Since alcohol, unlike other commonly abused substances, is legal and any oversight doesn’t track sales, it can be difficult to realize the effect of alcoholism in Florida truly. Alcohol addiction news shows some alarming results about addiction in the United States: out of those 16 million adults estimated to be suffering from alcohol abuse issues, only 1.5 million are seeking treatment. This alcohol addiction trend is believed to be roughly proportional to Florida, showing a growing need for dedicated addiction treatment facilities in the state.

Alcohol Abuse News in Florida Colleges 

Alcohol use is a familiar yet dangerous occurrence on college campuses, particularly in Florida’s universities. As of 2017, the Princeton Review ranked the University of Florida in Gainesville and Florida State University in Tallahassee as the 18th and 20th (respectively) schools in the state for partying, in which alcohol and recreational drug use is a large part of their ranking equation.

Additionally, a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) survey found that college students in the U.S. are over 10% more likely to binge drink when they consume alcohol than their non-college peers.

The Benefit of Alcohol Treatment in Florida

According to alcohol abuse rehab news about a survey conducted by SAMHSA survey of Floridians in search of treatment for addiction, it found that 16.4% of rehab facility entrants were seeking treatment for alcohol only, but an alarming 42.2% were in treatment for alcohol joint with another substance.

Even more alarming was that a shocking 97.1% of persons seeking treatment for alcoholism said that they didn’t think treatment met the demand, leaving a gap between people looking for help and the number of addicts actually being helped by the addiction treatment industry.

Here’s the problem with that: alcohol withdrawal is known to be the most potentially life-threatening of all withdrawals, particularly when it’s combined with withdrawal from another substance. Notable high-profile cases detail how alcohol withdrawal can be so deadly, and when addicts don’t receive the help they require, that risk becomes higher.

Call United Recovery Project Center Today

At United Recovery Project, we have a professional staff and a state-of-the-art facility, equipped to help addicts in need in Florida and across the country. Alcoholism in Florida is a pervasive issue, and the professionals at United Recovery Project aim at offering services to stem the dangerous trends that are leading to more and more deaths and arrests each year.

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcoholism in Florida, give United Recovery Project a call now at 888-809-9393.

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