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Affinity in Cause-Related Marketing

Implicit in almost any effective cause-related advertising campaign is the thought of affinity. Absent affinity, no cause-related advertising campaign will probably soar

Consider it, if kids with cancer don’t affect you emotionally, intellectually or else, then you are much less likely support any cause advertising campaign with respect to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

And it needs to be the proper of affinity. I might love The American Idol Show and Randy Jackson, but when I haven’t got the cat then his recent endorsement in 9Lives advertising is not prone to convince me to purchase a bag of dry cat food.

So think about the situation of the mailer, received inside my home circa October 2004 in the cooperative marketing group for that Toyota Service Centers within my market. I here is another mailers about monthly. That one marketed a lube, oil and filter service featuring genuine Toyota parts.

At a negative balance burst around the left side may be the cause-marketing offer. Buy this particular service for $25.95, and also the Toyota Service Center creates a $2 donation to Weber Condition College automotive training programs, that the mailer highlights, were negatively impacted by budget cuts.

The written text from the burst causes it to be obvious the local Toyota Service Centers possess some skin hanging around.

“Weber Condition College trains our technicians to remain up-to-date with the more and more complex systems inside your condition from the art Toyota vehicles.”

But I haven’t got any skin within this game. As I admire Weber Condition College, I am no alumnus, neither is any immediate member of the family. Weber State’s campus is all about 50 miles away, so I haven’t got any particular affinity according to closeness. Furthermore, working out of automotive technicians, while important, strikes me as exactly the type of program that you should heavily funded by Toyota, its dealers, and repair centers anyway.

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