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6 Qualities that are Must in An IAS Officer

Lakhs of youngsters in the country aspire to become IAS officers. IAS, one of the civil services, is coveted as the most prestigious job in the country. The job of IAS gives one the power, fame, respect and everything that anyone would desire.

Also, After the 7th Pay Commission, the salaries of IAS officers are almost equal to the pay scale in the private sector. Candidates willing to know the detailed structure of IAS Salary can visit the given link.

There some of the vital qualities that an IAS officer is expected to possess to honour public belief and not infringe. Candidates preparing for IAS exam must have those certain qualities and skills when it comes to discharging their duties and responsibility.

What qualities should you inculcate and display when you become an IAS officer? Read on to find out 5 qualities that an IAS officer must possess.

6 Essential Qualities That an IAS Officer Must Have

  1. Good Administrator – Taking care of the administration of the area under his jurisdiction is the chief function to be performed by an IAS officer. Displaying excellent administrative capabilities is imperative for an IAS officer. It will help to perform functions like framing and implementation of governmental policies in consultation with the respective ministry, supervising the implementation of the policies, etc.
  2. Commitment and Hard Work – A job that involves working for the betterment of the people needs a committed and sincere worker. Administrative areas given to IAS officers include various departments like administrative work, funds management, law enforcement, development programmes etc., and this means a lot of responsibilities. An officer should display unbridled commitment and enthusiasm for his job. To accomplish and outclass in any task an IAS Officer should be a hard worker and committed to his/her duty.
  3. Out of the Box thinking – Lateral thinking approach i.e. thinking out of the box is what is expected of an IAS officer while solving problems. An IAS officer needs to show a creative side as his job involves people and society. It implies thinking in a creative and unusual manner rather than employing conventional wisdom in solving problems. Nothing is as unpredictable as people.
  4. Decision Making Skill – An IAS officer should display a good presence of mind in complex situations. It is expected of him to exhibit rational and quick decision-making skills. He/She should be resilient and adapt to any changes in the system yet endure the ethical norms of conduct. An IAS officer should act shrewdly in circumstances that need quick actions and should be decisive in approach to do quick thinking
  5. Responsibility and Accountability – IAS officers should not only show good decision-making skills but also be accountable for their decisions. An IAS Officer should fulfil his responsibilities and meet all governmental tasks and when some blunder happens while performing a task he/she as an administrator should hold responsible herself/himself morally for actions and should be willing to apprehend liability.
  6. Just and Fair – An IAS Officer should observe the principle of justice and act on the basis of fair decision in all situations and should play fair for issues of social justice. Corrupt officials are a bane to our society and it is sad that so many civil servants take undue advantage of their position of power and influence for personal gains. It is important for IAS officers to be just and fair and resist any temptation to place the self above the nation as they have a direct say in taking the country towards development.

At the very least, To be an IAS Officer should be considered as an opportunity to serve the country, people and beneficially contribute to society.


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