5 Reasons Why Titanium Solvent Trap Parts are the Best

For the benefit of the doubt, let’s take few lines to explain what a Solvent Trap is. It is a part of firearm accessories attached at the end of a barrel using an adaptor as its cleaning accessory. Solvent traps are neither projectile nor bullet thus, they are only seen as an accessory and nothing more, this is because there is no way they can pass through the tube without being modified. So, because the projectile can’t be passed through the tube, the solvent and cleaning lubricants are captured and properly disposed of.

The popularity and demand of this device in the firearm industry have continued to grow over the years as it has helped to prevent total mess during the cleaning process, trap and reuse cleaning fluids over time. It has been established that titanium solvent traps are 45% lighter than steel, and 60% heavier than aluminum, yet last longer than both. Now, the question is, why is this particular type of solvent trap the best in the firearm community? Below, we have started some reasons behind this.

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1. Lighter than Steel, but Stronger Than Aluminium

Normally, solvent traps are constructed using a stronger 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminium and a 6061 T6 aluminum. Demand for a titanium solvent trap has always hit the market because of its toughness and durability. It is obvious that titanium is heavier than aluminum, but its strong ability to dissipate heat is what made it stand out.

2. Durability

Titanium has high tensile strength, strong corrosion-resistant, and can resist extreme temperatures. Titanium Solvent Traps last longer, but why won’t they? Normally, Titanium lasts up to 20 years, but when used as a solvent trap it can last even longer. Though they can cost you a few extra cash compared to the aluminum solvent traps, they are sure worth the extras. Again, titanium comes with better anti-corrosion properties, unlike aluminum.

3. Can Make a Good Combination

While other materials like aluminum can be used in the production of solvent traps, the combination of Titanium and Stainless Steel can make one of the strongest titanium solvents traps parts in the industry.

4. Easy to Maintain

A Titanium Solvent Trap part is very easy to clean, all you need to do is to use a dry cotton cloth, apply the anti-colossal oil, and place it back in the kit. Even in the absence of an anti colossal oil, just clean thoroughly with a dry rag. This is unlike aluminum solvent traps that often experience rust after few times of not cleaning with the anti colossal oil.

5. Light Weight

Normally, Titanium is lightweight, has an estimated gravity of 4.5, and has less burden on the whole structure of the solvent trap.

Finally, it is important to start that the uniqueness of Titanium Solvent Trap Parts lies in its ability to allow owners of these firearms to get creative when performing routine cleaning. And the fact that it hardly gets distorted and easy to clean makes it even better than the others. Visit the website to learn more